49º FENINJER - 01 a 04 de agosto de 2009


49º Feninjer - The Nature inspires the art

The 49th Feninjer Show opens its doors on August 1, featuring releases that will revitalize your year-end sales and anticipate the trends for 2010.

Come and see for yourself the latest innovations in gold and silver jewelry, watches, gems and packaging, products and services to be showcased for Feninjer visitors.

 Precious nature

The focus of 49th Feninjer is on “precious nature,” so inspirational to our jewelry artists and the reason for the success of Brazilian jewelry design outside the country’s borders.

A nature that is generous in exuberant organic forms and vivid colors, resulting in jewels that synthesize simplicity and sophistication.

 The satisfaction of preserving

The challenge at this Feninjer and every day of our lives is to reinvent the way we take care of the sources from which inspiration and life spring.

Start preparing to visit the 49th Feninjer and share with us the satisfaction of preserving.

The theme “nature inspires art” features green and blue as inspirational colors for a revitalized world. Clean technologies, environmental awareness and conscious consumption permeate the consumer’s mind and their choice in objects of desire. In this context, ethics and esthetics walk hand in hand, reflecting everyone’s concern for the planet that shelters us. There is no doubt that the wellbeing contemporary man searches for comes from the satisfaction of preserving.

 That our forests and jungles may always remain full of life! That the water and air are pure, eternally pure: like the most beautiful gemological specimens.

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