Twice a year, the luster of the gold and fi re of the diamonds in the showcases of FENINJER dazzle (but do not dull) the lights of the biggest city in the country.

It is in São Paulo, the city that never stops, where the latest developments in the jewelry sector for the next season are presented to about 5,000 buyers who recognize FENINJER as the stage for the most important releases involving jewels, watches, gems, packaging and much more.

And it is with the hallucinating pace of the metropolis that the organization of the fair works to constantly improve the event that drives the Brazilian jewelry industry. Beginning with this edition, newoperating hours will optimize the time spent visiting the fair, allowing everyone to calmly take advantage of the free lectures that begin each day at 9:30 am. Now, the fair will open at 11 am and close at 7 pm, except for the last day, when it will close at 6 pm

Access to Event

The event is for exhibitors and their representatives only (related

people,authorized employees and

merchants, retailers and wholesalers and

freelance salespeople) in sum, people related to the watches and jewels line of business who have received the Official Fair Invitation beforehand.

No one 16 or under may be allowed in the premises, even if acconpanied.

Presentation of the Identity card is

mandatory. For further information, please contact:

























03 to 06 August 2011
Transamerica Expo Center
Av. Dr. Mario Villas Boas Rodrigues, 387
São Paulo - SP - Brasil

Promotion and Realization IBGM

Sponsor SEBRAE

Partner APEX